Bursaries & Awards / Munich Congress 2009 Winners


The Prize was awarded to Karin Ziskind & Evelyn Mamber (Israel) for their paper entitled Baby Clinic – A pre and postnatal project to promote oral health.

The Bengt Magnusson Prize

The Prize was awarded to Dorothea Zampeli (Greece) for their paper entitledIn Vitro estrogenicity of pit and fissure sealants.

The Jens O.Andreasen Award

The Prize was awarded to Peter Day, Duggal MS, High A.,Robertson A., Westland S. (United Kingdom) for their paper entitled Discolouration of teeth following avulsion and replantation, a randomized controlled trial.

Morita Award

The Prize for the Scientific Poster was awarded to A. Agouropoulous , A Mamali S., Gizani S, Papagiannoulis L (Greece) for their poster entitledObesity and dental caries of Greek Preschool children.

The Prize for the Clinical Poster was awarded to Jose Hassi Thumala (Chile) for their poster entitled Anodontia in hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia early intervention.



The International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD) is a non-profit organization founded in 1969, with the objective to contribute to the progress and promotion of oral health for children around the globe.

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IAPD has now 64 National Member Societies and represents more than 15,000 dentists.

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