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IAPD 2017 Chile congress Video 

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Oct 5th, 2017




Oct 6th, 2017




Oct 7th, 2017




Oct 5th Part1

Opening Keynote Lecture: A Southern View of ECC and Strategies to Improve the Smile of Children: Trends, Diagnosis and Effective Strategies for Early Childhood Caries
Effective Tools for Treatment Strategies for ECC

Svante Twetman

 Svante Twetman
Prevention and Treatment Strategies for ECC Clinical Management to Improve Outcomes Marghrite  Fontana  MARGHRITA FONTANA
Keynote Lecture: Clinical Management of Caries Lesions in Primary and Permanent teeth: Partial, Selective and Traditional Caries Tissue Removal. Where Does the Evidence Lead us?
Clinival Managemnet of Caries Lesions in Primary and Parmanent Teeth: Paratial, Selective and Traditional Caries Removal Methods: Where does the Evidence Lead us?  Rodrigo Arthur  RODRIGO ARTHUR

Session 01: Caries Management by Risk Assessment
Caries Risk Assessmnet Tools for Paediatric Dentistry

 John Featherst 

 S1 Fwetherst
Session 02: Frontiers in Oral Health Research  
Stem Cells in Paediatric Endodontics Jaques NorR S2 JAQUES NOR
Gingival Stem Cells in Bone Regeneration Pablo Quiroz  PABLO QUIROZ
Session 03: Community Preventive Programs:Changing Cultures and their Influence in Infant Oral Health  
ECC Prevention from European Perspective Svante Tweetman  S3 SVANTE TWEETMAN
Session 04: Disorders of Tooth Eruption: The Frequency and the Importance  
Management of Transmigrant Canines by Autotransplantation and Orthodontic Movement of without Endodontic Treatment Gajanan Kulkami  S4 GANAJAN KULKARNI
Session 05: Challenges and New Strategies in Paediatric Dentistry's Private Practice  
A Southern View for the Children's Smile: Challenges of Private Practice Carolina Rojas  S5 Carolina Rojas
Caries Management with Silver Diamine Fluoride.  What can we learn from Clinical Trials? Yasmi Crystal  S5 Yasmi Crystal


Oct5, Part2

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Session 06: Behavior Therapy in Anxious Patients
Self-Guided Congnitive Behavioural Therapy for Dentally Anxious Childres: Why it WOrks and how it Works! Zoe Marshman ZOE MARSHMAN
Use of a CBT Approach for Dentally Anxious Children Helen Rodd S6 HELEN RODD
Minimal Inhalation Sedation with Nitrous Oxide in Anxious Patients: Chilean Experience Giglia Siradoni S6 GIGLIA SIRANDONI
Session 07: Multidisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate  
 Introduction: The Last Genetic Update in Cleft Lip and Palate Care Silvia Castillo SILVIA CASTILLO
Pre-Surgical Orthopedic Management Marina Campodonico MARINA CAMPODONICO 
Session 08: Conferences for Professors and Paediatric Dentistry Researchers  
Post-Traumatic colorimetric change of primary incisor crown Hong-Keun Hyun S8 HYUN-HONG KEUN
Usefulness of Er, Cr:YSGG Lasers in Pediatric Patients Gyanedra Kumar S8 GYANENDRA KUMAR
 Presurgical Orthopaedic Treatment (PSO)in UCLP patient. Modified NAM Vilma Arteaga VILMA ARTEAGA
Advanced Esthetics in Paediatric Dentistry: Zirconia Crowns Gisela Bona S8 GISELA BONA

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