IAPD Lecture Video Center / Lecture Series by Prof. Anna Fuks

 "New Trends and Materials in Pulp Therapy - Current Concepts and Controversies".

Thanks to Prof. Anna Fuks for kindly share this lecture series with IAPD Members. The presentation was given at the Taiwan Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in 2012.

p1 Pulp Histology and Embryology

p5 MTA and Conclusion of Vital Pulp Therapy

p2 Pulp Diagnosis

p6 Q and A of Vital Pulp Therapy

p3 Pulp Protection, Indirect Pulp Treatment, Stepwise Excavation, Direct Pulp Capping

p7 Pulpectomy and Root Canal Filling for Primary Teeth

p4 Pulpotomy - Partial and Cervical Pulpotomy - Different Pulp Dressing Materials

p8 Non-Vital Immature Permanent Teeth and Q and A  



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